Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fondant Cake...eeek!

So I was soo relieved that the first cake I was "selling" was going to a friend of mine. I made a chocolate cake with vienna cream with sugared strawberries in it.



One of the postives of this cake was that I am getting down the stacking of the cake and also somewhat of the art of frosting. I did a lot of fighting with the fondant though, and I kept spilling the glitter dust I was using and the water I was using. I was so frustrated...I think the whole apartment complex knew it. I guess a lot of it is that I just have NO ROOM in my kitchen to do anything! But I did atleast get it looking pretty decent seeing as it was the first fondant cake I have ever done.. I just need to keep practicing! Let me know what you guys think. I know I need a lot more practice, but if this was wouldn't be fun =)





Aimei said...

This is pretty! I still dare not attempt a fondant cake. :)

Logan said...

Oh gosh, this looks amazingggg! Being on a diet now and reading your blog makes me want to cry a little..very cute stuff! xoxo

The Chocolate Lady said...

That looks beautiful...much nicer than my first (or 10th) fondant cake.

I now use a homemade, marshmallow fondant...easier to use, and tastier :)

I just discovered "textured transfer sheets"...I use them for making chocolates, but found that you can use it to leave beautiful designs on fondant too!

Mimi said...

i tried making a fondant cake last week. but i used ready made fondant i bought from a store. it didn't work out very well for me. so i ended up just frosting it. i would love to learn how to bake cakes like you do. :)

i will now follow your blog. i'm just starting out with blogging. please follow mine too? thanks! :D

Laura said...

Thanks for sharing awesome recipees...

Laura said...

Arata delicios ! :)

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